Annual Campaign

Annual Campaign

The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg’s Annual Community Support Campaign ensures that everyone in Spartanburg has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. At the Y, no child, family or adult is turned away because of an inability to pay. 

100% of every dollar given to the YMCA Annual Campaign is invested in the lives of people who need the Y.  

The Y is a positive force in this community. From water safety to disease prevention, youth literacy to cancer survivorship, everything we do helps strengthen our families and our community. Together, we can address our community’s most critical needs. When you give to the Y, you partner with us to provide life-changing programs and services focused on:


All kids deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can achieve, under the guidance of caring adults who believe in their potential. Our programs are grounded in the Y’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.


We believe every child deserves the chance to learn life-saving water safety skills. We work with the school districts to provide swimming lessons for kids as their PE class.


By helping cancer patients and adults at risk for chronic disease through signature programs like Livestrong at the YMCATM and Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring, we build a stronger, healthier community.


With our doors open to all, we bring together people from all backgrounds and support those who need us most. Our members, volunteers, supporters and staff demonstrate the power of what we can achieve by giving back together.

We would like to THANK our generous donors to the 2020 Annual Campaign




Abbigail Cartee
Addan Polston
Aetna Foundation/Shane Moore
Aimee Hepler
Alasdair and Sheila Carmichael
Alexander Haywood
Allegra Printing
Allston Burnett
Alphonse Zenon
Alysha Decken
Alyssa Boken
Amanda Henderson
Amy Smith
Angelica Gonzalez
Anita Geigley
Anitra Potts
Ann Moore for Livestrong
Anna Converse
Anne Lynch
Anthony Crosby Jr
Arthur W. and Rhonda M. Yex
Ashely Blanton
Ashley Althoff
Atticus Fehl
Barbara Adamo
Barbara Dunn
Barbara Macomson
Barry Wynn
Baxter Earle
Baxter Wynn
Becky Bagwell
Ben and Carter Graves
Bennett Paving, Inc.
Beth Hudson
Betsy & Charlie Jones
Betty Cannon
Bill Cummings
Billy Mitchell
Blake Arnold
Bob and Bobbie Faucette
Bob and Carolyn Wynn
Bob and Daisy Johnston
Bob Mreen
Boncile McCollum
Boo Hayes
Boog Henderson
Boyce and Carole Miller
Bradley Auten
Brandon Boutin
Brenda and Timothy Jackson
Brenda Brown
Brendan and Ann Buttimer
Brent Summerfield
Brian Brimer
Brian Tate
Brianna Briggs
Brianna Milligan
Brittney Abele
Bruce and Martha Schwartz
Bruce Poe
Bubba Logan
Calysta Alsborg
Cameron Stober
Carl Prestipino
Carla Cross
Carol McKean
Carole Stevens
Carolina Foothills Federal Credit Union
Carolina Lewis
Caroline Corbin
Carrie Roberts
Cassie Lloyd & Joe Remoll
Catherine Cappiello
Catherine Inabnit
Cathy Dover
Cathy Godfrey
Cecilia Cannon
Charlene Cheeks
Charles Ellis
Charles Habisreutinger
Charles Powell
Chris and Amy Curtis
Christina Jeffrey
Cindy Hancharick
Clarence Brackett
Claude Saleeby
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Cole Knight
Colonial Trust Company
Cordelia Fort
Courtney Gordon
Craig and Lou Jacobs
Craig Dover
Craig Jacobs
Custom Forest Products
CWS Insurance Agency
Cynthia Bridges
Cynthia Dawson
Dan and Fran Dunn
Dan and Kit Maultsby
Danny Holcombe
Danny Smith
Danny West
David and Katherine Wise
David and Louisa Berry
David Hershberger
David Lunsford
David Tate
David White
Davis Promotions
Debbie Powell in Memory of Robert Gumbert
Debora Herman
Debra Garner
Debra Liner
Delbert Means
Denielle Haines
Denny’s Inc.
Desiree Lawless
Destiney Feaster
Dione Williams
Donald Brackett
Donald Gibson
Donna Smith
Doug Baker
Doug Lowe
Douglas Brackett
Dr. Jim Ray
Drexel Cheek
Dudley and Ann Myers
Duke Energy Foundation Match for David White
Dustin Ellis
Dwight Lewis
Eduardo Chen
Edward Pearson
Edwin Epps
El Snelgrove
Elaine Brackett
Elizabeth Cobb
Elizabeth Fritz
Elizabeth Johnson
Ellie Davison
Elton “Dick” Crenshaw Jr
Emma Seay
Eric Nelson
Erin Ouzts
Erisa Hoxhalli
Esau Hill
Ethel McCurdy
Eugene Bell
Felicia Golden Jones
Freddie Posey
Garrow Crowley
Gary Copeland II
George -Buck- Brandt III
George Gibson
George Johnson
Gerald Matkins
Gillian Newberry in Memory of Robert Gumbert
Gordon and Molly Sherard
Gordon Darby
Gregg and Mary Helen Wade
Gregory Wade
Gus and Joy Ward
H. Malloy Evans, Jr.
Harold and Susan Luhrsen
Harriet Goforth
Harriett Phillips
Harry Schoen
Hattie Davis
Helen and Robert
Helen Vassallo
Heritage Club Endowment Fund
Howard Henderson
Jack and Stacy McBride
Jack Lawrence
Jacob Rupp
Jacosha Simpson
Jaimee Holmes
James and Elizabeth Dunn
James Burchfield
James Glenn Jr
Jana Gentry
Jane Breeden
Janet Garrett
Jaren Smith
Jason and Griffin Lynch
Jason and Terolyn Bell
Jason and Terolyn Bell Bell Media Group, LLC
Jason Pike
Javion Rice
Jay and Ali Beeson
Jay Shelley
Jeanette McCormick in Memory of Robert Gumbert
Jeannie Fehl
Jeffrey Barker
Jeffrey Horton
Jennifer Garcia
Jerry Brickhouse
Jim and Elaine Smith
Jim and Mary Worthy
Jim and Stephanie Hall
JM Smith Foundation
Joan and Tom Barnet
Jodi Lawson
Jody Traywick II
Joe Dawkins
Joel Atance
John Gamble IV
John Groetsch
John Hamrick
John Stanfield
Jonathan Lyon
Jonathan Owens
Joseph Chulik
Joy Hamrick
Joyce Ann Pace
Julia Viznyak
Julian and Dorothy Josey
Justin Guillory
Karen and John B. White, Jr.
Karen Horn
karen mobley
Karlos Kreiner
Karlos Kreiner
Karry Guillory
Kate Kendall
Kathleen Utz
Kathryn Kraft
Keeble Brantley
Keishon Cullum
Kell Chapman
Kelly Banks
Kelly Ferguson
Ken Compton
Kendrah Curtin
Kerry Buchert
Kevin Carmichael
Kevin Tracy
Kierra Martin
kierra Walker
Kimberly Mace
Larry Wallace
LaTonda Barber
Laurie Magalas
Lavata Williams
Lee Stegall
Lewis Cole
Linda Tschappat
Lindsay Webster
Livia Cantrell
Logan Johnson
Logan Price
Louis and Carter Smith
Lucy Lynch
Lynn Walker
Lynne and Mark Blackman
Lyric Flood
M. Elizabeth Rainwater
Madison Davis
Marcelo Sandrin
Mariah Rowdy
Marianna and Roger Habisreutinger
Marilyn Boucher
Marilyn Kimple
Marjorie Roberts
Mark and Lucy Barry
Mark Gregory
Mark Reeve
Mary Breeden
Mary Frances Price
Mary Hall
Mary Ladd Watts
Mary Thompson
Matt Lyden
Matt Zachariah
Melissa Schuler
Michael Meissner
Michael Ratchford
Michelle Mabry
Milissa Zint
Milliken Foundation
Morgan McKinnon
Mr. & Mrs. Haywood Dawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Allen
Ms. Spencer Plaisted
MTM Investment Management LLC
Murray Glenn
Nancy and Ted Gage
Nancy Anderson
Nancy Ogletree
Nehemiah McGriff
Nelson Edwards
Nelson Irvy
Network for Good
Nina McKinley
Parker and Tory Champion
Parker Champion
Parris Lawn
Patricia Hudgens
Patrick and Jeanie O’Shaughnessy
Patrick McAlister
Patti Moran
Paul Cote
Paul Thompson
Paula and Stan Baker
Paula Mason
Peggy Moore
Peter Grzan
Peyton Smith
Quenton Lyles
Rachel Eddington
Randell and Noreen Cohen
Rebecca Stanley
Regina Harper
Reginald Frye II
Regla Schuler
Renee Ward
Rhett Giddings
Ricardo Clowney
Richard Moretz
Rick and Susan Dent
Rick Callebs
Rick Higgins
Robert and Melinda White
Robert Joyce
Robert Powell Jr
Robin Carter
Roddrick Brown II
Roger Sullivan
Ron and Robin Fields
Rosiland Barnes
Roy and Deneen Griffin
Roy Logan
Rozonna Oglesby
Ruth Cate
Ruth Miles
Ruth Woolsey
Ruthild Phillips in Memory of Robert Gumbert
Ryan Brackett
Sam and Sarah Galloway
Samuel McComas
Samuel Sutton
Sandace Barnes
Savanna Fain
Shawntelle Abrams
Shelia Conder
Sherry Tarantino
Sissy Rosebrock
Solutions Unlimited, Inc.
Sophia Caggiano
South State Bank
Spartanburg School District 7
Spencer goes by “Chip” Johnson
Spencer/Hines Properties
Starr Seay
Stephanie Davis
Stephanie Salas
Stephen Cannon
Steven Gibson
Suraj Mistry
Susan & Rick Dent
Susan Callahan
Susan Hilsman
Susan Luhrsen
Susan Shealy
Susan Worthen
Suzanne Mossburg
Suzanne Zoole
Sylvester and Cockrum, Inc.
T. Alexander Evins
Talib Gusby
Tameaka Rogers
Tarasa and Gary Schmidt
Tashayla Miller
Taylor Weeks
TE Connectivity
Ted and Barbara Richardson
Terence McGee
Teresa Firebaugh
Terrell Sovey and the JM Smith Foundation
The Capital Corporation
The J.F. Floyd Mortuary
The Johnson Group Community Fund
The Newt Hardie Fund
The Spartanburg County Foundation
The Vine
Theodore Stathakis
Thomas Hannah
Timothy robinson
Tom Nederostek
Tommy Moss
Toney Lister
Tonya Brannon
Tracie and David Rodak
Travis and Jennifer Dewyea
Trish and Allen Edgerton
Trish Karaiesky
Trista Johnson
Troy Ritenburg
Truck World Repair llc
Tyler Kuykendall
United Commercial Travelers Spartan Council UCT No. 323
Valorie Brodsky
Vic Bailey Automotive
Vincent West
Wade’s Restaurant
Western Finance
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Whitner Bishop
William Dover
William Massey
William Webster
Willie Boyd
Wilma Simuel
Winthrop Allen
Zim and Joy Cannon
Aaron Hargreaves
Abigail Ritter
Accupad, Inc
Adam Weaver
Aisha Dawkins
Alaina Smith
Alan Blackwell
Alan Mowbray
Alec Brooks
Alex Kovell
Alexsandra Byrd-Mills
Alicia Chavez
Allan Hammerbeck
Allegra Printing
Amanda Arrington
Amanda Kreczmer
Amanda Spaulding
Amy Penny
Amy Ponton
Amy Smith
Andrea Moye
Andrea Price
Andrew -Drew- Schutt
Angela Brown
Angela Rogers
Anita Hammerbeck
Anitra Potts
Annabelle Perry
Anne Brandt
Annika McEnroe
Aqua Management Partners
Arista Edwards
Arthur Driscoll
Ashley Wilhour
Ashlyn Leeds
Ashraf Ellison
Barbara Cameron-Decker
Barbara Eleazer
Bartholomew Simonson
Benaiah McDowell
Bert’s Automotive Inc
Bilal Al-Islam
Bode Neale
Bonnie Rini
Brett Ruiz
Brian Povolo
Cameron Duggins
Camp Sammons
Carol Brunson
Carole Lefebvre
Carolina Gourmet Snowballs
Caroline Burns
Caroline Martin
Caroline Otten
Cassie Lloyd
Cassie Overcash
Catherine Brown
Catherine Griffith
Catherine Robitaille
Cathy Portele
Cathy Shepard
Cayla Orner
Cecil Pettit
Cesar Lopes Correa
Charlotte Stull
Chavis Foggie
Chelsea Williams
Cherie Branson-Jackson
Chester Confer III
Chick-fil-A at Duncan
Chloe Godinez
Christopher Kittel
Christopher Leamon
Christopher Schell
Christy Hill
Cindy Hyatt
Claire Smith
Clinton Bryant
Coca Cola Bottling Company
Colin Jordan
Connor Ide
Connor Kenworthy
Copeland Viney
Coryn Sturm
Craig Jurs
Crystal Bridges
Cynthia Davis
Cynthia Garay
Cynthia Jennings
Cynthia Mohrmeyer
Dalton Wright
Damian Gluchowski
Dan Mascolo
Danasia Branson Foster
Daniel Pettit
Dario Smith
David Rice
Deborah Irvin
Debryant Johnson
Deidre Taber
Dennis Crocker
Desiree Lawless
Devin Hovis
Diana Bolding
Diane Marsh
Donald Corley
Donna Druell
Donna Page
Donnie Arcaro
Dynia Davis
Eduardo Dos Santos
Eduardo Dos Santos
Elaine Hare-Sturm
Eleanor Slemenda
Eli Conner
Eliza Burns
Elizabeth Turner
Elizabeth Whalen
Ella Penny
Ellie Brooks
Emery Moore
Emma Bogle
Eric Leeds
Eric Martin
Evan Otten
Evan Stanislaw
Felicia Golden Jones
Feng Jiang
Fitter & Faster
Floyd Means Jr
Founders Federal Credit Union
Foxcroft Swim Team
Francis Merrow
Gabriella Ruiz
Gabrielle Cook
Gardner Anne Viney
Gary Brodsky
Gary Cobb
Gavin Rice
Gerard Brown
Gillespie Insurance Inc.
Grace Clayton
Gregory Pennekamp
Griffin Hill
Haley Collins
Hammond Hall
Hannah Ownbey
Harry Musselman
Heath Strawn
Heather Bendyk
Heather Gentry
Heather Martin
Hideko Bennett
Hugh Bridwell
Hunter Singleton
Ida Splawn
Impact Community Church
Ingles Market
Jack Greiner
Jacob Prevatte
Jacob Tremblay
James Boyd
James Conner III
James Creel
James Dowis
Jamie Asbury
Janet Wittorff
Javier Mayfield
Jean Kelsey
Jenna Bridges
Jennifer Burroughs
Jennifer Folk
Jenny Aiken
Jerry Dowis
Jessica Moore
Joann Netherton
Joel Smith
John Blok
John Broome
John Eleazer
John Hamrick
Johnna Edwards
Johnny Wade
Jose Rodriguez Fabian
Josiah Pendergraph
Julia Ruiz
Justin Broome
Kaden Chambers
Kai Van Den Bosch
Kallie Blazer
Karla Arguello
Kasey Redfern
Katelyn Mazurowski
Katharine Ceneviva
Kayla Coleman
Kirsti McEnroe
Kristen Sammons
Kristi McCurry
Kristy Lee
Kylie Groves
Lacy Lynch
Landon Griffith
LaQuandra Simon
Laura Bell
Laura Berry
Lauren Agnew
Lawrence Owens
Lawrence Pabst
Leonard Kaiser
Letitia Allman
Liberty Press
Lilian Thomas
Lily Bogle
Lindsey Skidmore
Lissa Franklin
Liyan Ouyang
Lori Prescott
Lorin and Scott Juengel
Lucas Goughneour
Lucas Wilson
Lyndsey Nielsen
Mackenzie Solesbee
Mariah Rowdy
Marie Westphal
Marissa Moore
Mark Yonce
Martha Lindner
Mary Beth Bright
Mary Johnson
Mary Mireles
Matrix Fitness
Matt Zachariah
Matthew Stauffer
Maureen Shuler
McDonald’s – Terry Stephenson
Meagan Espinosa
Megan Ford
Megan Murray
Megan Tomes
Melissa Johnson
Meredith Rice
Michael Juhasz
Michael Ratchford
Michelle Prigge
Miranda Mullins
Mollie Folk
Monte Remaley
Moranda Floyd
Murray Hughes
Nancy Bailey
Naomi Hunter
Nathaniel West
Neale Family Foundation
Nicole Paquin
Nyah Henderson
Owen Dubose
Parker Wilson
Pat Rogers
Patrick Starosto
Paul Huber
Peggy Dye
Penny Rice
Per Blohm
Perry Gentry
Peter Arguinzoni
Pie Guys Restaurants, LLC
Portrait EFX of the Upstate
Preston Jennings
Proctor Hines
Publix Super Market Charities
RCS Vending
Reagan Stanislaw
Rebecca Schell
Regina Broome
Renee Simon
Renee Stanislaw
Rick Callebs
Robert Anderson
Robert Joyce
Robert Lake
Robin Domingo
Roderick Cummings
Roger Greene
Roy Dowis
Ruth Woolsey
Samuel Beeson
Samuel Elkins
Samuel Lloyd
Samuel Stone
Sandy Hartnett
Sara Jann
Sara Thimmes
Sarah McClary
Sarah Parker
Sargent Pest Solutions
Scarlett Ziegenfus
Scott Harmon
Scott Hovis
Scotty Frater
Sean and Gretchen McEnroe
Seth Byland
Seth Fellenz
Shannon Bailey
Shannon Perry
Sharon Tootell
Shawn Douthit
Sheila Dusky
Shelia Conder
Sherry Johnson
Sheryl Moriarty
Shyanne Chapman
Sofia Duque
Solutions Unlimited, Inc.
Sophia Caggiano
Sophia Kannee
Sophie Blackwell
South State Bank
Stacey Hu
Stacy Gleason
Stephanie McLean
Steve Wilson
Steven Harben
Steven Ramey
Stratus Building Solutions
Susan Spencer
Svetlana Harper
Tammy Wilson
Tarah Mattison
Tashayla Miller
Tavize Bruton
Taylor Susie
The J.F. Floyd Mortuary
The Wilson Family Charitable Fund
Theodore Frost Sr
Thomas Fowler
Timken Co. Charitable and Ed Fund
Tom Nederostek
Tony Amos
Tonya Elkins
Ty Henderson
Tyler Powell
Tyrese Blocker
Vannara Sun
Vickie Harris
Virnon Elkins
Vitaliy Ustimchuk
Wanda Stiles
Warnaco Inc – Speedo
Wendy Burns
Wendy Neale
Wendy Viney
Wesley Cannon
William Carry
William Lancaster
William Shetley
William Tillotson
William Waltz
YMCA Special Endowment Fund Annual Distribution
Zaynab Pruitt
David Elliott
Hoyt Bynum
Matt Zachariah
Rick Callebs

Special thanks to the Mary Black Foundation for providing a grant of $22,500 for Summer Camp scholarships.